High Precision Micro Production Technologies

  • Tosello, Guido (Project Participant)
  • Islam, Aminul (Project Participant)
  • Marhöfer, David Maximilian (PhD Student)
  • Giannekas, Nikolaos (Project Participant)

Project Details


HiMicro is a collaborative research project funded by EU. The Hi-Micro project proposes an innovative process chain for precision μIM and μPIM, using Additive Manufacturing (AM) to produce monolithic tool inserts with integrated complex internal channels for efficient thermal management and process control. At the same time, enabling precision manufacturing technologies will be developed to post-process the tool insert features. Special metrology techniques based on computer-tomography (CT) will be applied to control the quality of the integrated complex internal channels. Handling system and high-speed in-line quality control system for non-statistic quality control will be developed and integrated into an industrial production platform.
Effective start/end date30/10/201230/11/2015


  • Micro injection moulding precision manufacturing X-ray CT metrology micro-EDM micro-milling micro-ECM digital holography


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