High Current All Printed Transistors

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The fast evolution of printed electronics, with the photovoltaic technology in primis, is requiring the presence of a
valid transistor alternative to the traditional one. The realization of a high current roll-to-roll transistor will
interconnect all the different technologies so far developed with this low cost and high throughput method. Our
aim is to develop a roll-to-roll transistor capable to of modulate modulating the current to levels that where has
not been achieved so far. The fabrication of the transistor will be done considering the lowest environmental
impact possible, and containing energy consumption with a temperature below 150 °C. This high current (~mA)
transistor will be able to support and assist other technologies and will also be the base for logics and sensing
The optical studies on the organic material will result in a more controllable production process that for the first
time will relate polymer crystallinity directly with an optical characterization technique. The realization of such kind
of measurements is not trivial, but will give information on polymer nanoscale structures never investigated
before. To do so this technique uses femtosecond pulse in subdiffraction-limited area. This will disclose an
unprecedented tool to control the polymer morphology as soon as it is deposited, with enormous consequences in
performance control and optimization.
The realization of samples and the study of real cases will produce important information regarding this new
technology and its real life applications. In addition, life-time and stability studies can be performed. Then the
objective of minimizing the environmental impact of the technology life time cycle will be more realistic. These
kinds of studies are also important to explain science to the society and to give a technology preview to industries.
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