Heat and moisture characteristics of alternative thermal insulation materials.

  • Hansen, Kurt Kielsgaard (Project Manager)
  • Hansen, Ernst Jan De Place (Project Participant)
  • Padfield, Tim (Project Participant)
  • Rode, Carsten (Project Participant)
  • Kristiansen, Finn Harken (Project Participant)

Project Details


The research is divided between Department of Buildings and Energy (IBE), which focus on heat characteristics of alternative insulation materials and moisture calculations of constructions, and Department of Structural Engineering and Materials (BKM), which focus on measurements of moisture characteristics of alternative insulation materials.
The BKM part concerns measurements of sorption curves, water vapour permability, capillary suction and the moderating influence of absorbent materials on the relative humidity of large, leaky enclosures.
Alternative thermal insulation materials are made from organic fibres: paper, sheeps wool or flax. Also perlite insulation belongs to this group.
Effective start/end date15/04/199801/07/1999


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