HEART: Super High Efficiency fAst EV charger with energy storage and gRid supporT functionality: a heart of the future green transport

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HEART project develops world’s most advanced scalable/modular smart electric vehicle fast charger based on the cutting-edge silicon-carbide (SiC) technology. Due to capability to support faster switching frequencies and having improved thermal performance than current silicon-based chargers, new SiC-based charger will have much higher power density and higher efficiency, while at the same time similar cost per kW compared to today's best fast chargers in the market. Moreover, several innovative functions (plug and play connectivity of supplementary energy storage, voltage/frequency support and congestion management capabilities, weak grid operability through local grid impedance estimation and charger’s own impedance shaping), which are not available in existing competitor products, will be developed and integrated into the new charger.
Effective start/end date04/05/202127/12/2024

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