Ha(c)k Dit Grønt

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Ha(c)k your Greens is a digital learning universe for the teaching of biology in the elementary school, which promotes healthy food habits in children from 7th to 9th grade. The vision of the project is to create an engaging community in the class, where knowledge, and experiences with designing your own greens in i high-tech and fun way, creates an interest in food, meals and health. Ha(c)k your Greens learning universe comprises of a food computer, called a Growbot, integrated with a web-based platform, where the students can program how the greens will grow and find educational material. In this way the teaching of the journey from ground to table is moved into the classroom and the biology classes. Eight prototypes has been developed and tested during 2019-2020.

Ha(c)k your Greens is a cooperation between DTU Food, Copenhagen University College, DTU Skylab and Center for Playware at DTU Electro. It is supported by the Nordea-foundation.

Key findings

Growbot developed for the primary schools
Short titleHa(c)k your Greens
Effective start/end date01/11/201831/12/2020

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  • Food computer
  • food computer
  • nutrition
  • vegetables
  • science education
  • Growbot
  • growbot


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