Grow mussels and oysters - Sea Gardens in Limjorden (39249)

Project Details


The aim for this project is to create a focus on healthy and sustainable exploitation of Limfjordens potential and bring life back into the harbour areas. 
- Better utilization of Limfjorden's resources. 
- Increased focus on seafood and seaweed as exciting, healthy and delicious produce on the dinner table.
- More readily available social activities for the general public.
- Development of sustainable activities on empty harbors.
- Better links between water and city.
- Participate in social activities with sustainability in focus. 

The project will give ordinary citizen the opportunity to "grow" mussels, oysters and seaweed in a social community without needing separate skills and without having to invest in an area.

This project is coordinated by Limfjordsrådet.

Research area: Shellfish and Seaweed
Effective start/end date01/01/201531/12/2017