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The overall purpose of the project is to disseminate scientific knowledge and practice regarding optimal use of recycling technology in land-based fish farming.

The project has two specific goals:
-To promote green and economic sustainability in recycled fish farming (RAS) by optimizing the use and usefulness of recycling technology in order to minimize the specific emission of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter) from fish production.
- To strengthen green conversion through increased use of recycling technology by supporting the transition from traditional fish farming operations to modern recycling technology.

From development and research projects, considerable knowledge has been built up about the use of recycling technology. Massive efforts are needed to translate this knowledge into investment and the promotion of green and economically sustainable operations.

Optimal use of recycling technology promotes green and economic sustainability through better utilization of nutrient emission quotas. Optimized design of RAS and operation results in fewer fish diseases, less mortality and better feed utilization while ensuring better fish welfare.

The project is a demonstration project aimed at disseminating knowledge and practice regarding optimal use of recycling technology in land-based fish farming.

The target group is all Danish land-based fish farming facilities, both facilities that have not yet been rebuilt for recycling and already rebuilt facilities.

National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua), Technical University of Denmark
Danish Aquaculture Association (coordinator)
Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The project is funded by Green Development and Demonstration Program (GUDP). 

Research area: Fish and Shellfish Diseases
Effective start/end date01/07/201730/03/2022


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