Green switch in Danish Aquaculture by changeover to recirculation (GODAOR) (39462)

Project Details


The overall aim of the project is to disseminate scientific knowledge and practical experiences regarding optimum use of recirculation technology in land based fish farming.

The main concrete aims are:

1. To promote green and economic sustainability in recirculation fish farming by optimum use of recirculation technology to minimize the specific discharge of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter) from the fish production.

2. To strengthen green switch by increased use of recirculation technology by supporting the changeover from traditional pond farming to modern recirculation technology. This is based on knowledge and experience from research- and development projects. E.g. will optimum designed farms and management reflect less fish diseases, less mortality and improved feed utilization concomitant with better fish welfare.

This project is coordinated by the Danish Aquaculture Organisation and is funded by Green Growth and Development Program (GUDP).

Research area: Aquaculture
Effective start/end date01/07/201730/06/2021