Global Opportunities for Danish SMEs in Emerging Markets: Strategies and Methods for Adaptive Product Development

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    Many Danish companies realise that the growth potential relies on a successful entry into the emerging markets, such as China, Brazil, India, Latin America, and Africa. 
    There are tremendous amount of opportunities to do business in more innovative ways in emerging markets. Do you face challenges in developing business for your company in emerging markets or adapting your products to these new markets? 
    The purpose of this project is to accelerate the growth of Danish start-ups and SMEs with regard to their global expansion into emerging markets through establishing new growth strategy and methods to support: understanding of product requirements, product development processes, business models, and pathways for networked resources. 
    The project is financed with 4.000.000 DKK from the Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond) and runs over a three year period. It will involve a number of researchers from the Department of DTU Management Engineering.
    Effective start/end date15/10/201414/10/2016


    • Emerging Markets; Business Moldel Development; Product Development; Danish SMEs


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