Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) United Arab Emirates (UAE) Country Program - Capacity Building Part III Contract

    Project Details


    GGGI, in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will develop a comprehensive and coherent national Green Growth Plan (GGP) for the UAE over the period of three years (2011-2014). Among the three components of the project – development of a national Green Growth Plan for the UAE, establishment of a national GHG inventory, and capacity building –URC is expected to develop the UAE-tailored capacity building/training programs for policy makers, public officials and stakeholders. Capacitybuilding will mainly involve knowledge-sharing and dissemination through policy dialogues, training programs, workshops and various specialized programs. These programs should be designed and implemented in a way that can best assist the local actors.The objective of the overall capacity building programs is to build the UAE’s own capacity to conduct and refine green growth analysis as well as to translate it into policy decisions and implementation plans that are well aligned with the country’s broader economic, social and environmental interests.
    Out of the total project period, this contract is intended for the Phase I (December2011 - December 2012) activities, where URC is expected to design and organize training programs and policy dialogues as required in the development of the UAE National Strategy for Green Growth and delivery/communication of it with the objectives of:
    1)Establishing sectoral programs for policy design and analysis
    2)Facilitating the articulation of comprehensive national strategy
    3)Organizing sectoral stakeholder workshops February 2012 to December 2012
    URC’s main focus will be to design and implement capacity building sessions for sectoral stakeholders from Oil & Gas, Water & Electricity, Transport, Building, Industry and Waste sectors, by organizing specialized sectoral capacity building sessions where each of the six sectors participate at least twice in 2012.
    The contract expired end of October 2013. An amendment to extend the contract has been underway since then, awaiting that UAE Government and GGGI could decide on dates for the 2nd knowledge sharing workshops. However, as it has not been possible to confirm dates for the 2nd round of workshops it was agreed the contract will be terminated during February/March 2014.
    Effective start/end date06/02/201231/03/2014