GEOSONAR, GEOid and Sealevel Of the North Atlantic Region.

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    The goal of the GEOSONAR project is to develop methods for intergrating multi sensor and multi channel satellite data for improved recovery of the sea level height. This will be carried out at regional scales (10-20 km) in the North Atlantic region as well as at local scales (3-5 km) in the Danish seas. Hereby, the understanding of the ocean, its state, and its dynamics will be improved. In turn, this will leas to enhanced ocean tides modelling, sea level forecasting and storm surge warning. Furthermore, Denmark will contribute to the success of EU COST action 40 that is currently being signed. An important goal is also to prepare for the dedicated gravity mission and develop methods for enhanced analysis of the gravity field, so that Denmark can play a central role in the future determination of the geoid, the sea level, and possible effects of Global Change.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199631/12/2001


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