Geographical distribution of fish resources and optimizing of fishery practice in the north-eastern North Sea (RESOURCE) (38878)

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RESOURCE is a collaborative fishermen-scientist project in direct continuation of the REX projects in the north-eastern North Sea conducting small-scale scientific surveys, but only with one commercial trawler, encompassing also geographical distributional aspects as in OSKAR.

The REX project showed that changes in the biomass densities of cod differ between bottom types (and may depend on stock size) and the proportion of the cod population found on smooth bottoms is not constant. However, due to scaling problems and too short a time series the achieved results have so far had no impact on the assessment procedure or any (measurable) effect on the TAC’s (but the RAC discussions may have affected decisions by the European Commission). Continuation of the field work with the trawler in 2010-12 in the RESOURCE project should produce a sufficient time series for supplementing the abundance indices for the older ages in the assessment, which at present are based only on the catch rates in the international scientific surveys (IBTS). This total REX-RESOURCE time series will be used in the state space assessment of North Sea cod (SAM) and various other approaches applied to document how commercial CPUE may be used in the tuning procedure. Particular attention will be given to evaluate the size of the spawning stock of cod.

Mechanistic knowledge on vital rates together with REX, RESOURCE, OSKAR and IBTS (and possibly also UK) survey data will be used as input to the geostatistical tool GeoPop to estimate the temporal and spatial dynamics of the size distribution of the cod stock. This part of the project will represent a direct continuation of OSKAR principles including considerations to how to design an operational fishery-forecast system for North Sea cod.

The project is coordinated by DTU Aqua.

Research area: Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics
Effective start/end date01/01/201030/09/2012

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