Generic Architecture for customised IP-based IN services over hybrid voice over IP and SS7 networks

  • Soler, José (Project Participant)
  • Grabner, Boris (Project Manager)

Project Details


The project is organised in six workpackages (WP) combining the necessary partners and expertise for assuring successful execution and accurate market orientation:
- Initially the Service requirements and GEMINI specifications (WP2) are determined. In this phase the supported IN services (CS-2 and extensions to the CS-2 Service set) required by the end-users are defined, and the technological framework for the system is provided;
- Based on the users' expressed requirements, the Development of the PSTN-based IN infrastructure (WP3), will design and develop the main element of the GEMINI architecture;
- The IN/SS7 Signalling Gateway, which will allow the use of the IN/PSTN infrastructure already in place. Work will also include the implementation of an extended-CS2 set of services and other details (numbering translation schemes, interfaces with existing VoIP network infrastructure);
- The Development of the IP-based IN infrastructure (WP4), aims at the development of the network entities on the IP network side. The main sub-systems developed shall include SSP-IP and the SCP-IP components termed after their SS7 SCN-analogs. Furthermore the advanced environment used for Service Creation and Management in the converged network is being developed;
- The Integration and User Trials (WP5), involve the development of a pilot network, integrating the components introduced and providing evidence on the feasibility of the project's results. The user trials shall be performed using the GEMINI platform to allow services' interworking between Partner 1's PSTN network and Partner 1 and/or Partner 6 recently deployed VoIP network;
- Finally the Market Assessment / Exploitation and Dissemination (WP6), which extends throughout the project's lifecycle, relates among others to the assessment of market status, the promotion efforts, the potential research publications and the standardization of the project's results.
Effective start/end date01/03/200229/02/2004


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