FutureArcticLives - Future Arctic livelihoods and biodiversity in a changing climate

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    The overall objective of FutureArcticLives is to provide biological and economic forecasts and scenario assessments to assess in collaboration with local and indigenous people the impacts of climate and biodiversity change on the welfare and wellbeing of Arctic communities. FutureArcticLives will also explore management options under global policies and trends and in contexts of national policies increasingly favouring large-scale operations and other sectors constraining communities’ adaptation possibilities. The project is therefore, guided by the overall question - what are the likely future impacts and adaptation possibilities for small-scale primary resource users in Greenland and Arctic Scandinavia in the face of climate and biodiversity change? The project focus on traditional Inuit hunters and small-scale fishers in Greenland, Saami reindeer herders in northern Sweden and Norway and the coastal Saami in Norway, but in the context of broader interests and commercial operations.
    AcronymBioDivERsA 2019
    Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2023


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