Full scale investigation on aerogel windows exposed to real climatic conditions

  • Svendsen, Svend (Project Manager)
  • Jensen, Karsten Ingerslev (Project Participant)
  • Schultz, Jørgen Munthe (Project Participant)
  • Nielsen, Lars Thomsen (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    The aim of the project is to investigate prototypes of aerogel windows mounted in a south facade of an experimental building on campus. The investigations will include an parallel evaluation of the energy balance and influence on the indoor thermal comfort for a room with an aerogel window and two rooms with different commercial low-energy windows. Beside the thermal investigations special attention will be paid to condensation on the outdoor surface of the glazings. Outdoor surface condensation is expected to be a major problem for window glazings with low centre U-values.
    The investigations will be made over a period of 2 - 3 years in order to observe the long term stability of the aerogel glazing when exposed to wind load and thermal stress. The project will serve as a limited demostration of aerogel glazings.
    Effective start/end date01/03/199331/05/1997


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