Friction Modelling in Connection with Bulk Metal Forming Processes

  • Bay, Niels Oluf (Project Manager)
  • Tan, Xincai (Project Participant)
  • Zhang, Wenqi (Project Participant)
  • Eriksen, Morten (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    Ph.D.: Xincai Tan
    The goal of the project is to investigate "Friction Modelling in Connection with Bulk Metal Forming Processes". Friction models are implemented in FEM simulations for analysis of bulk forming processes. Studies of the ring test and the double cup extrusion test have been carried out with different lubricants and material conditions (annealed and fully work hardened) studying the influence of strain hardening and friction on divided flow. A new friction test based on simple upsetting of circular cylinders has been developed introducing the relative shrinking ratio of the original end face as a calibration parameter. This parameter is very sensitive to friction in the whole range from zero friction to sticking friction. Comparison of simulative twist compression tests with process tests applying forward rod extrusion shows very good agreement in the obtained friction values. The present subject is handled under the MUP2 MP2M-Center programme (MP2M: Materials Processing, Properties and Modelling)and the BriteEuram project EFFORTS.
    Effective start/end date01/02/199631/05/1999


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