Follow up on large scale storage in Denmark, Gram

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In the project the performance of the pit heat storage in Gram will be folloewd. The monitoring results and experince for operation of storage until 2018 will be analyzed and published.
Project description
In 2014-2015 two new large heat storage have been implemented in Denmark in Vojns and Gram. The two storages have similar design. Before that, 3 large storages were implemented in Brædstrup, Marstal and Dronninglund from 2011-2013. Monotoring results from these 3 storages are analyzes in the project "Opfølgningsprogram for store varmelagre i Danmark" (EUDP 14-I, 64014-0121) lasting indtil 30.06.2018.
Since the design of the pit heat storages Vojns and Gram differs from the design of the pit heat storage in Marstal and Dronninglund it is impotant to establish similar monitoring and analysis at least one of those storages. The performance of the pit heat storage in Gram will therefore in this project be monitoret in a similar way as the performance of the storage in "Opfølgningsprogram for store varmelagre i Danmark". Especially for Gram will monotoring of the pweformance of new and cheaper lit constructionm.
SDH (Solar District Heatingh) Cinference will be arranged in Denmark in 2016. This will be an exce,,ent possibility promote Danish solar solutions. Therefor support to SDH conference is included in the dessemination part of this peroject. 150 stakeholders form more than 20 countries are expected to participate. The intension is to arrange the conference in Billund and use Gram as the main stop at the technical Tour.
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2018


  • Large scale heat storages
  • Long term measurement
  • Performance analysis


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