Focus on nutritional status and nutritional risk factors in old nursing home residents

  • Beck, Anne Marie (Project Manager)

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Recent studies show that 60% of elderly Danes receiving full-time or part-time care are underweight, and 20% are (directly) undernourished.

It is still not fully known what are major reasons for poor eating, how it affects well-being and functional capacity and finally, what can be done to improve the nutritional condition among the elderly. Also the association between the optimal BMI range (24-29) and maximal physical, mental and social wellbeing needs further investigation. So the National Food Institute has initiated a three-year project to look for answers to these questions.

Two studies are performed.

The first study involves residents at 11 nursing homes situated in Denmark, which is followed for 1-year with regard to the presence of different nutritional risk factors and the significance of weight loss. The second study involves residents at seven nursing homes where half of the participants undergo an intervention to improve energy intake and muscle strength.
Effective start/end date01/03/200431/03/2007


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