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    The transition to a low-carbon society based on intermittent renewable energy sources calls for a change to an energy system where the demand follows the production. This requires a development of new methods to enable FLEXIBILITY at all levels of the energy system of the modern society. At the same time the system is evolving from a centralized system into a complex set of integrated systems at scales that includes customers, cities and regions. Due to the complexity, the realtime matching of energy demand with production has to take place through data analytics and IoT devices in integrated energy systems.

    The objective of FLEXIBLE ENERGY DENMARK (FED) is to unlock, describe and test ENERGY FLEXIBILITY at all levels, by empowering integrated energy systems using DIGITALIZATION and data intelligence. We establish a new nationwide data platform of connected LIVING LABS (Uni-Lab.dk) facilitating the coupling of existing domain specific labs and enabling new synergies. FED will provide data intelligent TOOLS and SOLUTIONS for Center Denmark (CD) which will host Uni-Lab.dk.

    The FED digitalization addresses all steps of the value chain from sensors to analysis to decision support. FED creates innovative SOLUTIONS based on Uni-Lab.dk data, state-of-the-art TOOLS and existing and new PRODUCTS from leading industry partners. FED provides data, AI and IT methodologies enabling the industry to be highly competitive in the digitalization of the energy systems. Hence, FED provides the foundation for a national leadership on green innovation.

    FED supports the industrial partners to advance their PRODUCTS to the next generation of data-intelligent SOLUTIONS and test them in a representative environment of LIVING LABS (Uni-Lab.dk). Thereby, drastically reducing the timeto-market for the new SOLUTIONS.

    FED creates new knowledge about energy FLEXIBILITY to be used for both green innovations (product level) and the green transition (policy level).
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