Fish Meal Quality assessed by analysis of volatiles

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Current methods for analysis of oxidation status of the lipid component (fish oil) in fish meal do not give satisfactory results, possibly due to extraction problems. As oxidation processes result in, i.a., formation of volatile breakdown products, it is hypothesized that the determination of such volatiles may give a better indication of the oxidative deterioration of fish meal.
Fish meals from various sources, processes, and antioxidant treatments were stored for 12 weeks, exposed to light and air. Amounts (arbitrary units)were determined by headspace - gas chromatography (GC), and volatiles were identified by mass spectrometry - GC. The development of volatiles displayed clear differences between meal types. The correlation of these results with the quality estimates of the trade (fish meal manufacturers) remains to be carried out.
Effective start/end date01/01/199931/12/1999


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