Fire Exposed Concrete Constructions

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    Material data and material models are found for different fire exposed concretes and reinforcements.
    A test method and a calculation method is developed for the anchorage capacity of reinforcement in concrete. The methods may be used for fire exposed constructions, but represent also an improvement at normal temperatures.
    A test method is developed using microwave power for uniformly high speed heating of concrete specimens in order to investigate the development of the mechanical properties of rapid heated concrete.
    Calculation models are developed for fire exposed concrete constructions: slabs and beams subjected to bending and shear, walls and columns subjected to central and eccentric load. The methods are valid for any concrete and any fire exposure including standard fire exposures and fully developed fires. Advanced computer methods as well as simplified methods for hand calculations are developed.
    Material data and simplified calculation methods are included in the European Code of Practice ENV1992.01.02 and the revised edition of the Danish Code for Concrete Constructions DS 411.
    Effective start/end date01/02/1978 → …