Fiber Termination of Waveguide Components

  • Kristensen, Martin (Project Manager)
  • Andersen, Bo Asp Møller (Project Participant)

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    Planar, silica-on-silicon based optical waveguide components have received much attention recently, especially as components for dense WDM systems. An important requirement for these components to be commercially useful, is that fibre termination of the waveguides must be possible in a simple way. The fibre termination has to be stable and has to ensure an efficient coupling. Ideally, the fibre termination should not create additional losses or back reflection compared to conventional fibre splicing.
    Processes have been developed to fabricate planar waveguide components with fibre guiding grooves integrated in the substrate. A groove is positioned at the end of each waveguide, with the center of the groove matched to the center of the waveguide. The fibre termination is performed by placing fibres in the grooves so that the position of the fibre cores and the waveguide cores are matched precisely. The fibres are fixed in the grooves with an index matched, UV-curable epoxy.
    We have demonstrated fibre terminations of conventional planar waveguides with coupling loss below 0.4 dB and back reflected power below -40 dB. We have also demonstrated fibre termination to UV written waveguides with excess loss due to misalignment of the fibres down to 1.1dB.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199631/12/1999