Female operators' working conditions and health in the Danish Construction Industry.

  • Pedersen, Elsebet Frydendal (Project Manager)

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    In these years an ongoing debate in the Danish Construction Industry is centered around the need for renewal of the overall management og the working conditions in the industry. The women that seek employment in the industry are often met with a number of barriers related to conform and traditional thinking in the industry.
    The overall goal of this research area is to explore the general situation of education and working conditions for the female operators in the construction industry.
    One of the ongoing activities is a systematic literature study, followed by empirical proactive datacollection from experimental education activities on two technical schools.
    Another activity is establishing both a national and an international network of researchers and others working with these problems. An formal collaboration has been established with researchers in Great Britain, Germany and other partners in The European Institute for Construction Research and a more informal is under development with researchers in The Nordic Contries. The collaboration implies participation and organising conferences and seminars as well as planning crossnational research projects. Funding are to be seeked through EU and other sources.
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