Facilitating value creation and delivery in construction projects

  • Christoffersen, Anders Kirk (Project Manager)
  • Bonke, Sten (Project Manager)
  • Ekholm, Anders (Contact Person)

Project Details


This PhD project aims to address new methods to intercept and transform user needs (customer values) in construction through a combination of new creative management processes that focus on the interaction between the actors as a means of delivering value. The PhD project will be carried out in a cross disciplinary cooperation with a concurrent PhD project at Lund University in a consortium together with consultancy companies NIRAS (Denmark) and Tyréns AB (Sweden).

The project aims to develop practically applicable methodologies to promote the discussion and sharing of values, leading to value creation in construction projects. The research is directed towards organising project work, with the aim to create the most favourable conditions for customer value generation; understanding the customer as a ‘multiple function of various parties with different interests’ reaching into the culture/behaviour of individuals and organisations.
Effective start/end date01/09/200731/08/2010


  • Value, Value management, Value-based management, Design management, Lean design, Construction Management


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