Facilitating open science to European research (FOSTER, GA 612 425)(39146)


FOSTER is a coordination initiative that aims to support the full range of stakeholders in the research lifecycle, but especially young researchers, in adopting Open Science principles (Open Access, Open Data, Open Note Book, Open Educational Resources, Social Media for dissemination of research results) in the context of the European Research Area (ERA) and in complying with the open access policies and rules of participation set out for Horizon 2020 (H2020).
FOSTER will focus on integrating Open Science principles and practice in the current research workflow by targeting the young researchers training environment. In addition, FOSTER will strengthen the institutional training capacity to maintain compliance with the open access policies in the ERA and H2020, and will facilitate the adoption, reinforcement and implementation of open access policies from other European funders, in line with the European Commission’s recommendation.
The project is coordinated by University of Minho.
The project is funded by EU, Horizon 2020.
Effective start/end date01/02/201431/07/2016


  • open science
  • visibility
  • citations
  • reuse of research
  • impact
  • open access
  • open data
  • open notebook science
  • open code