EXPLAIN - Explorative Net Planning

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    EXPLAIN is concerned with strategic planning of communication networks
    in the telecommunication sector. The goal has been to construct a
    planning tool to be used both on an operational and a strategic level
    by net planners. The tool will have a visual user interface for both
    in- and output, underlying modules dealing with traffic analysis and
    network construction under varying assumptions on objectives (such as
    cost and fail-safeness) and constraints, and the ability to handle
    also scenarios with uncertainty regarding central parameters.
    The project resulted in three Ph.D.-theses adressing the issues of
    traffic, physical net planning, and optimization methods in network
    design. The project part regarding user interface was left unsolved
    due to recruitment problems.
    Regarding the optimization methods, the key result was the ability to
    take into account not only links and their costs, but also nodes and
    costs of these when designing a communication network in the greenfield
    case. Also, optimization of the ring architecture for communication
    networks with protection was considered, and new results
    questioning the current practice in design of this type of networks
    was achieved.
    Effective start/end date01/04/199901/06/2002


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