Evaluation of Interventions towards Young people in school food programs, EVIUS.

  • Mikkelsen, Bent Egberg (Project Manager)

Project Details


The project aims at evaluating the effects on children of different healthy school food interventions.. The project consists of a several work packages with the following research questions:

WP1 - Diet & Nutrtion: Does the school food has an effect on the student's dietary intake?
Is dietary intake different for students in different age groups?

WP2 -Coaching & counselling
How can coaching of intermediaries be developed to efficacy
Does coaching of intermediaries have an effect on dietary intake?

WP3 - Learning & preferences How does the school food environment influence the learning climate?
How does the school food environment influence the well-being and concentration of the students?

WP 4 - Sociotechnical approach to school food
What type of meaning and sense does teachers and students attribute to different school food concepts?
What organisational and social pre-conditions are needed for the long term survival of school food programs?
Does price has an effect on the students demand and use of the school food programme?
Effective start/end date01/05/200831/12/2009