Evaluation of food safety management systems in the Danish school meal sector

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This project focuses on HACCP-based own-control systems in the catering industry, using the Danish school meal sector as an example.

The background of the project emerges from an assumption that the management tools used by SMEs not always lead to the wanted consumer safety. The food safety systems and technologies used are often not adjusted to practise and are not fitted to the daily routines in the SMEs.

Therefore, HACCP-based own-control systems may obstruct the innovation, may be inappropriate implemented or may be detached from the other management systems in SMEs. Finally, HACCP-based own-control systems may also be technologically over-dimensioned resulting in poorer eating quality.

The aim is to evaluate the efficiency of food safety management systems in SMEs in order to improve and simplify them.
Effective start/end date01/08/200731/12/2010


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