European Surveillance Network for Influenza in Pigs 3

  • Larsen, Lars Erik (Project Manager)

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    This “European surveillance network for influenza in pigs 3 (ESNIP 3)” is in part a continuation of a surveillance network that was established during a previous EC concerted action (ESNIP 2, SSPE-022749). This second co-ordination action, which ran from 2005 until 2008, sought to achieve a better understanding of the epidemiology of swine influenza in Europe. Ten partners from eight different European countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and UK) were involved including two industrial partners. Seven of these ESNIP 2 partners are members of the current ESNIP 3 consortium. ESNIP 3 will build upon the achievements of ESNIP 1 and 2 which were:
    1) The standardisation of protocols for swine influenza (SI) virus (SIV) isolation, serology, antigenic and genetic typing of SIV isolates.
    2) The selection and production of reference virus strains and (hyperimmune) sera. These were made available to all participants for preliminary sub typing of SIV isolates.
    3) The establishment of a central SIV bank with a collection of recent isolates from various geographical areas in Europe.
    4) The establishment of an electronic database with relevant information on the SIV isolates that were obtained in different countries during the life of the network.
    5) The antigenic and genetic characterisation of a number of recent H1N1, H3N2 and H1N2 SIV isolates from different European countries.
    6) The organisation of a serological survey to obtain preliminary data on the prevalence of different SIV subtypes in various European countries.
    AcronymESNIP 3
    Effective start/end date01/10/201031/10/2013


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