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A new edition of the ESRA will be published in 1998. As a new feature a large part of the tabular data and the maps will be given in digital form on a cd-rom.
It is a Joule2-project, financed by EU, with a German company, Gesellschaft für Entwicklungs Technologie mbH, Jülich as main contractor, and with national participants as associate contractors.
Our work in 1996 has been to produce "Biomass Reference Years" (BRY) with daily climate date for 5 sites in Europe, to assist with the production of Test Reference Years (TRY) with hourly values for three sites, and to produce a maps of zones with similar climate related to biomass systems and other problems which can be simulated using daily climate data.
Effective start/end date01/07/199431/03/1998


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