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The European Science and Technology Observatory (ESTO) is a European-wide network of nationally based organisations. The ESTO objective is to select, produce and deliver techno-economic intelligence products aiming at supporting the policy maker in the management of change. The Institute of Prospective Technology Studies in Seville (IPTS) is the central node of ESTO and manages and directs the overall enterprise.
The ESTO network deals with three main tasks:
1) To channel articles towards or to supply articles to the IPTS Report, that address decisionmakers in Europe concerned with policymaking and new technologies, environment, employment, competitiveness, regional development etc. IPTS report is published by the IPTS 10 times a year.
2) To contribute to the ESTO intelligence report, released once a year. This is a document on developments of techno-economic interest in the EU member states and other countries of key interest to Europe being of particular interest for the current or future policy debate. In addition the report contains a section of a broader nature, signalling and providing intelligence on new issues, trends and developments.
3) To carry out short term projects concerned with technology foresight and assessment.
In Fall 1998 DTU initiated the Danish Foresight Network as the national extention to the ESTO collaboration. This informal network consists of 40 or so academics, researchers and government authorities who take part in a common forum for exchanging views and information concerning analyses of technological development and change through a wide range of disciplines. One key challenge for the network is to draw on experiences in technology studies and technology assessment in the development of a Danish model for Technology Foresight.
Effective start/end date01/01/199731/12/2000


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