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  • Clausen, Christian (Project Manager)
  • Hansen, Anne Grethe (Contact Person)

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    The European Science and Technology Observatory (ESTO) is a network of organisations operating under the European Commission's – Joint Research Centre's (JRC's) Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) - leadership and funding since 1997.

    In line with the objective of supporting the JRC-IPTS mission, ESTO aims at detecting, at an early stage, and prospectively shaping, scientific or technological breakthroughs, trends and events of potential socio-economic importance, which may require action at a European decision-making level.

    The ESTO core-competence therefore resides in trans-national prospective analysis and advice on science and technology changes relevant to EU society, economy and policy.

    Today, ESTO is presently composed of a core of twenty European institutions, all with experience in the field of scientific and technological foresight, forecasting or assessment at the national level.

    Currently, the European Science and Technology (ESTO) network is engaged in the following main activities, according to the mission and JRC-IPTS Workprogramme:

    - A series of Specific Studies centred in the complex of science and technology (S&T), economy and society.

    - Fast-Track actions to provide quick responses to specific S&T assessment queries.

    - Monitoring Prospective S&T Activities that serves as a basis of experience and information for all other tasks.

    - Development of an "Alert/Early Warning" function by means of Technology Watch/Thematic Platforms activities.

    - Support to the production of "The IPTS Report", a monthly journal targeted at European policy-makers and containing articles on science and technology developments.

    IOB is full member of the network, which means taking on a number of administrative tasks, in addition to taking part in the mentioned type of activities. Activities have included studies within consumer electronics, organic production, environmental policies, as well as fast tracks, IPTS articles and reviews. A number of studies have been effected through contractors.
    Effective start/end date01/01/199731/12/2006


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