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The European Energy Research Alliance is the largest energy research community in Europe. It is a membership-based, non-profit association and brings together 250 universities and public research centres in 30 countries. EERA's joint research programmes cover the whole range of low-carbon technologies as well as systemic and cross-cutting topics.
In EERA JP Smart Cities, universities and research institutes from across Europe cooperate with industry, cities and citizens to support innovation and demonstration projects with knowledge-based experimentation, applied and fundamental research, to deliver quality and impact, and to ensure scalability and replicability of locally developed and tested solutions/processes. Building on the experiences from H2020 smart city lighthouse projects, and corresponding national/regional initiatives, EERA JP Smart Cities plays a defining role in the European research and innovation landscape on smart cities, as key drivers towards a climate-neutral Europe and world.
Short titleEERA Smart City JP
Effective start/end date01/01/201931/12/2023


  • smart city


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