EUROMARINE Consortium (39185)

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EuroMarine is a European, marine science network launched in 2014. It represents the scientific communities of three former European Networks of Excellence: EUR-OCEANS, Marine Genomics Europe, and MarBEF. It was designed by the EuroMarine FP7 preparatory project (2011-13) as a bottom-up organization and meant to be a voice for the European marine scientific community. It is intended as a durable structure and was established as a consortium for an initial duration of 10 years. A legal entity will be established in 2016 as a support structure under the control of the consortium. 
As of 2016 EuroMarine counts 72 member organisations (MOs), 57 of which are ‘full voting’ members contributing to the budget.
Two primary goals of EuroMarine are: 
- to support the identification and initial development of important emerging scientific topics and methodologies in marine sciences
- to foster new services relevant to the marine scientific community. 
EuroMarine will achieve these goals through internal competitive calls for proposals, within the available budget. It is expected that support for these activities and their outcomes will help to leverage larger projects under European, national or joint research funding programmes. 
EuroMarine also intends to advocate for marine science and to contribute to improving the science-governance interface, providing expertise and transferring knowledge.
This project is coordinated by French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea & The National Center for Scientific Research, France. The project is self-funded.
Research area: Oceanography
Effective start/end date01/01/201431/12/2017