EUDP 12-II, IEA Task 42 Compact Thermal Energy Storage 2. period

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    The project is the Danish contribution to the IEA SHC Programme Task 42 project "Compact Energy storage: Material Development and System Integration, 2nd period".

    A seasonal heat storage based on sodium acetate trihydrate with stable supercooling marketed by the German company H.M. Heizkörper GmbH & Co. KG will be evaluated in terms of thermal performance and economy by means of detailed experimental and theoretical investigations.

    A seasonal heat storage based on a salt water mixture consisting of sodium acetate and water is currently being developed by Technical University of Denmark, Graz University of Technology, Nilan A/S and Velux A/S in the COMTES project supported by EU. This storage will be compared to the German heat storage.

    Calculations of the thermal performance of solar heating systems with the two above mentioned heat stores will be carried out with validated simulation models. The calculations will show how the designs of the solar heating systems including the seasonal heat stores will influence the size of the systems needed to fully cover the yearly heat demand of new buildings.

    Based on the calculations and on evaluation of the economic conditions the optimum design and the suitability of the two heat stores will be elucidated.
    AcronymTask 42
    Effective start/end date02/01/201331/12/2015


    • Energiteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram


    • Compact sesonal heat storage
    • PCM
    • Sodium acetate
    • Supercooling


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