Establishing knowledge on size selection and fuel consumption in the Danish seine fishery (Krispy) (39867)

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This project feeds directly into the advice on technical measures in the commercial fishery and CO2 contributions of different fishing gears. The project will establish knowledge on size selection and fuel consumption in the Danish seining fishery.

Fishermen report that the current minimum legal mesh size of 120 mm, cause high loss of smaller but legal sizes of cod, plaice, witch flounder, and haddock. This mesh size is suitable in the trawl fishery, but due to the different towing strategy, it is likely that the selection process is different in the Danish seine fishery. We will therefore investigate the consequences on catch an bycatch of relevant commercial species of reducing the mesh size to 110 mm in the Danish seine fishery compared to a 120 mm trawl fishery. A dedicated sea trial using a small mesh cover to collect fish escaping through the codend meshes, will establish knowledge on the selective properties of a 110 mm codend in a Danish seine.

Danish seine is expected to have a lower fuel consumption during the catching process than do trawl fisheries. In this project we collect information on the utilization of machine power in all steps of Danish seining in order to describe the over all fuel consumption of this fishery. The output will be used when documentation is needed on fuel consumption and thus contribution to climate change of different fishing gears.

The project is funded by The Danish Fishermen PO.

Research area: Fisheries Technology
Research area: Fisheries Management
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2021


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