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    RESGrow (ESA: Ongoing) is a collaborative project funded by European Space Agency. Techworks Marine Ltd. are responsible for the overall project management and are also responsible for the Wave and Tidal Energy sector. The aim of the RESGrow project is the provision of statistical information on environmental conditions to support the planning of new renewable energy infrastructure as well as the provision of nowcast and forecast information to optimise short- to medium-term operations planning. Within the context of this activity, renewable energy refers to the following sectors:
    In Phase 1:
    Offshore wind energy
    Solar Energy
    Tidal and wave energy
    In Phase 2:
    Offshore wind energy
    Solar Energy
    Tidal and wave energy
    The main goal of the project is expanding the market for earth observation based information services in renewable energy sector.
    Project in two phases 1 and 2.
    AcronymESA ResGrow
    Effective start/end date07/02/201330/09/2015

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