EO-FLUX-BUDGET: Earth Observation data for upscaling carbon FLUX and water BUDGET at Zealand

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    Earth Observation data for upscaling carbon FLUX and water BUDGET at Zealand

    A web page is available at www.geogr.ku.dk/projects/eoflux/ with more detailed information.

    Measurements of CO2 emission and deposition at Zealand are collected at 5 sites representing major Danish biotypes. While these measurements provide information on the temporal variability of ecosystem fluxes and their longer term trends, EO-FLUX-BUDGET combines Earth Observation (EO) data and a GIS-based soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer model (DaisyGIS) for the spatial upscaling of such data at Zealand. Spatial extrapolation of ground-based data is essential for the monitoring of regional, national and global biosperic processes. Because of the landscape heterogeneity, the surface condtions which are responsible for the atmospheric fluxes vary with the scale of modeling. In EO-FLUX-BUDGET, "effective" (or aggregate) surface variables are computed directly at the scale of interest using mulitple-resolution EO data. The new-generation EO data are important for this purpose because they facilitate improved estimation of both vegetation quantity and chlorophyll contents which are particular important for evaluating the carbon sink (absorption) on Earth. Maps of CO2 exchange and evapotranspiration rates will be produced and validated in time and space using tower fluxes and air-borne flux measurements. The annual budgets of CO2 and water are calculated for Zealand in two climatologically different years.


    Institute of Geography, University of copenhagen: Henrik Søgaard (co-ordinator of the project), Eva Bøgh

    Wind Energy Department, Risø National Laboratory: Charlotte Bay Hasager (co-ordinator of the Risø part), Niels Otto Jensen, Ebba Dellwik

    Plant Research Department, Risø National Laboratory: Kim Pilegaard

    Danish Hydraulic Institue (DHI) Water & Environment: Michael Butts, Mette Thorsen

    Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University: Søren Hansen


    The Danish Research Agency within the ESA følgesforsknings-programme for 1.1.2001- 1.1.2004

    Effective start/end date01/01/200101/01/2004


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