Enzymatic catalysis for increased extraction and positive modulation of phenolic antioxidants in functional juice and wine production

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    Purpose: The objective of this project is the development of an enzymatic pre-press treatment for enhancing the profile and content of polyphenols in juices and wines and thereby increasing the beneficial health properties of these (functional drinks).
    The objective includes to study and model the enzyme kinetics for the complex degradation of the fruit skin and to use enzymes to change the glycosydative state of the phenolic compounds in order to enhance their antioxidant power.

    Background: The addition of pectin decomposing enzymes before pressing of fruits is a common practice in the production of fruit juices as well as in the production of wines. The addition of enzymes helps the breakdown of cell structure of the fruits and the main purpose of this treatment is to enhance juice yields without compromising the taste of the resulting products.
    By optimizing the enzyme treatment before extraction the level of polyphenolic antioxidants can be increased in the extracted juices. Thereby an enhancement of the potential health benefits of the juices and wines can be achieved.

    Collaboration partners: This project is a post doc project and correlates with other projects in the research area ‘Plant food and beverage processing’
    Effective start/end date01/10/200530/09/2007