Environmental impact assessment of mussel and oyster fisheries (Konsekvensvurdering) (39625)

Project Details


The project aims at assess impact of mussel and oyster fisheries in order to fulfill the requirements of the Danish Mussel and Oyster Policy for allowing fisheries of mussels and oysters in Natura 2000 areas in particular and in relation to environmental impact in general.

The project has focus on documentation of effects of teh fisheries on various ecosystem components like eelgrass, macroalgae, benthic fauna and the key species blue mussel, flat oyster and cockle and includes e.g. stock assessment, coverage and distribution of hey species in selected areas as well as detailed advise to management on all matters related to the fisheries.

The projects delivers regular assessments on an annual basis to government agencies.

Research area: Coastal Ecology
Effective start/end date01/04/201431/01/9999


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