Environmental impact assessment of Danish off-coast fish farms in or nearby Natura-2000 areas (Havbrug) (39839)

Project Details


The purpose of the project is to develop a concept for environmental impact assessment of 18 Danish off-coast fish farms producing trout that are situated inside or nearby Natura-2000 protected areas. The fish farms have existing permits to produce fish at their present location, but the permits expire 2020-21. A full impact assessment is required to re-new their permits. The project will develop a concept for assessing the impacts of the activities in a context where the nutrient loss from the farms is included in the present management of water bodies according to the EU water framework directive and make individual assessments of all farms. The project will use the DHI MIKE model as main tool combined with an eelgrass model developed at DTU Aqua and data collection in the field.

National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua
DHI Group, Denmark (coordinator)

The project is funded by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Research area: Coastal Ecology
Effective start/end date01/11/202030/10/2022


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