Enhancing CHO by Mammalian Systems Biotechnology

  • Andersen, Mikael Rørdam (Project Coordinator)
  • Kildegaard, Helene Faustrup (Project Manager)
  • Pristovsek, Nusa (PhD Student)
  • Domingues Pereira, Sara Isabel (PhD Student)
  • Amann, Thomas (PhD Student)
  • Singh, Ankita (PhD Student)
  • Lohmann, Ricarda (Contact Person)

Project Details


Innovative Training Network (ITN) under Horizon 2020
AcronymeCHO Systems
Effective start/end date01/01/201531/12/2018


  • synthetic biotechnology
  • cell factory optimization
  • systems biology
  • industrial biotechnology
  • biopharmaceuticals


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