Enhanced Ancillary Services from Wind Power Plants

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    The project vision is to provide wind power with similar grid system interaction characteristics as the conventional generation units. The new technical solutions developed in this project will expand the global wind power market, as they will assist in integrating more wind power in high voltage grids. Bringing wind power technology to this level will assist Vestas in remaining both technology and market leader in the global wind industry.
    We pursue the vision by developing and demonstrating control features for primary, secondary and tertiary reserve and response provided by wind power plants. In this way the capability of wind farms to provide system services and thus their ability to actively support the power system in a similar way as the conventional power plants is increased. With these new control features the grid operators can allow a large scale penetration of wind power into the power system while increasing the security and reliability of power supply during the transition period from fossil to renewable based power production.
    Effective start/end date01/09/201131/08/2014

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