Energy Savings Versus Energy Supply – Modelling Energy Systems

  • Baldini, Mattia (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    Danish energy policy includes ambitious targets for energy savings
    that are important for reducing CO2-emissions and the dependency
    of fossil fuels. Large saving potentials exist, however, excluding the
    properties of energy supply with regard to marginal fuels and
    marginal capital costs some may lead to socio-economic in-optimal
    solutions. The project develops methods and models to address both
    energy saving and energy supply to ensure optimality in investments
    on both sides simultaneously. Dynamic aspects of costs curves and
    energy system modelling will be essential.
    The research
    project running 2015-2018, will examine what makes Danish households and companies invest in energy saving solutions.
    The objective of the PhD project is to understand key parameters related to energy saving and energy supply. This includes:
    - Clarify the value of various types of energy savings linking to the energy supply fuels and technology costs.
    - Building a tool to compare saving cost curves with supply cost curves in order to find trade-off between these when reaching certain renewable energy targets or fossil fuel reductions.
    - Extending the energy system optimisation model Balmorel, to include energy saving investments and additional end-use sectors.
    - Analyse different policy scenarios with the expanded Balmorel model.
    Effective start/end date01/10/201531/01/2019


    • SAVE-E, Energy Efficiency, Cost curves, Energy Savings