Energy-efficient, community- based water and wastewater-treatment systems for deployment in India

Project Details


The overall aim of ECO-India is to design and develop innovative cost-effective solutions for community- based water- and wastewater- treatment systems. These systems will be deployed at pilot sites in arsenic-affected water-stressed regions in India. The two consortia, Indian (DST) and European (FP7), will establish pilot schemes for:
• Catchment area and reservoir management
• Surface water supply schemes
• Arsenic removal (including monitoring using UFZ’s field-tested Arsolux arsenic sensor)
• Disinfection treatment for potable water based on Trustwater’s CE-certified mixed-oxidant generation systems.
• Online monitoring of water quality
• Water distribution network, together with online/offline water quality monitoring programmes
• Sewerage and wastewater treatment.
In addition, prototype energy-efficient modules for water deionisation and heavy metal removal will be developed.
A feasibility study will be performed to assess the potential for energy harvesting from sludge.
Effective start/end date18/04/201218/04/2015