End-to-end grade of service in telecommunication networks

  • Iversen, Villy Bæk (Project Manager)

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    In service-integrated telecommunication networks the operator has to guarantee a service-dependent end-to-end grade-of-servide (GoS). Models and algorithms have been developed for exact evaluation of end-to-end blocking probabilities in multi-rate virtual circuit/path based B-ISDN networks. The models are insensitive to the service time distribution and valid for any state dependent Poisson process, including the BPP (Binomial-Poisson-Pascal) traffic models. Each connection may be guaranteed a minimum bandwidth and restricted to a maximum bandwidth, thus both guaranteeing a certain minimum service, mutual service protection, and statistical multiplexing advantages. The models are also applicable to cellular hierarchical networks and to optical (WDM) networks. The exact algorithms are applicable to small networks only. For large networks simulation tools are available and approximations being studied. Also the optimizing of resource allocation is under study.
    Effective start/end date01/02/1992 → …