Electric vehicles in a Distributed and Integrated market using Sustainable energy and Open Networks

  • Pedersen, Anders Bro (Project Participant)

Project Details


The EDISON project is an international research project partly publicly funded through the Danish transmission system operator (TSO) Energinet.dk's research programme FORSKEL. The total budget is approximately 49 million DKK, where 33 million come from FORSKEL.
In the EDISON project Danish and international competences will be utilised to develop optimal system solutions for EV system integration, including network issues, market solutions, and optimal interaction between different energy technologies. Furthermore, the Danish electric power system provides an optimal platform for demonstration of the developed solutions.
Electric vehicles (EVs) provide a unique opportunity to reduce the CO2 emissions from the transport sector. At the same time, EVs have the potential to play a major role in an economic and reliable operation of an electricity system with a high penetration of renewable energy. EVs will be a very important balancing measure to enable the Danish government’s energy strategy, which implies 50% wind power penetration in the electric power system. An EV will be a storage device for smoothing power fluctuations from renewable resources especially wind power and provide valuable system services for a reliable power system operation. With the proper technology the cars can run on wind power and at the same time enable an increased share of RES in the power system for supply of the conventional electricity demand, and thereby, provide an overall economic, reliable, and sustainable energy system.
Effective start/end date01/09/2009 → 01/03/2012


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