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ECoClay aims to demonstrate a breakthrough solution to drastically reduce CO2 from cement production (responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions) by replacing limestone with clay and fully electrifying the process, reducing 35 to 50% of CO2 per ton of cement. ECoClay will build a pilot plant at FLSmidth R&D center in Mariager Fjord, based on research on high-temperature electric heat generation and storage solutions, reactor designs, new process solutions, and renewable grid integration. It will be demonstrated that the ECoClay process is superior to the conventional combustion process, with better process control, improved output material quality, lower risk, smaller building footprint, and lower emissions of air pollutants. Integration on a decarbonated grid will also be simulated. From a business standpoint, FLSmidth sees growing interest in new clay activation lines and the industry's need to substitute fuels with green energy. Two cement producers are partners in the project, aiming to expand their clay activation facilities thanks to this project. Once this process is demonstrated for clay activation, it can be applied to other raw materials, including limestone.
Acronym ECoClay
Effective start/end date01/01/202230/06/2026

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