EIS - Strategic research alliance for Energy Innovation Systems and their dynamics - Denmark in global competition

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    EIS Strategic research alliance on Energy Innovation Systems and their dynamics carries out research analyses on energy innovation systems and connects leading researchers working on the topic. Through this, the alliance creates important new knowledge about the innovation systems and the roles they play for moving towards renewable and sustainable energy systems in the future. By active knowledge dissemination and interaction with societal stakeholders, the alliance is expected to contribute to strategy development and innovation in individual areas of energy technology as well as to policy and strategies on a more general level. EIS contains a row of sub-projects, including PhD projects and post-doc projects. It is funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research, the Programme Commission on Sustainable Energy and Environment, primarily, and by the project partners. The alliance runs from 2011 to 2016.
    Effective start/end date01/02/201130/11/2016


    • Energy technology innovation
    • Innovation systems
    • Sustainability
    • Energy systems
    • Industrial development
    • Eco-innovation
    • Strategy
    • Policies
    • Indicators
    • Interaction patterns


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