EFP - 2002, Vind

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    Within the Aeroelastic Research Program carried out from 1997 to 2002 by Risø and DTU a coordinated work has been carried out on the development of advanced computer models for aerodynamics and aeroelasticity. In this program big improvements has been obtained in CFD modelling, non-linear models for structural dynamics and rotor aerodynamics and models for airfoil design. However, the computer models have not been used in a complete and coordinated design process, where the effect of their interaction have been demonstrated.
    Activities: Three MW turbines will be analyzed by Risø/DTU using the newest computer models for aerodynamics and aeroelasticity. All the computer models, in the following called the design complex, are used for three turbines. Based on the analyzis Risø/DTU in cooperation with the manufacturers will estimate the consequences of the computations for the turbine design. Suitable changes in the design, as a consequence of the new design complex, will be identified and supported by measurements. This will make the background for the implementation of changes in the turbine design. In the analyzis of the design there will be an exchange of knowledge, which will be used for the continuous development of the computer models.
    Effective start/end date10/12/200231/12/2002


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